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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my son/daughter remain registered at their doctors at home? 

Students will be registered at Minehead Medical Centre. This is to enable our service users to gain independence with their own health needs and to learn how to make and attend appointments with support from Care Support Workers and to order and collect their own medication. 

Care Support Workers will keep parents updated with health needs if consent is given from service users over 18 years of age. 

Will my son/daughter be supported to dentist or optician appointments? 

Care Support Workers will support to emergency appointments if required. However, service users should remain registered at home and we recommend that students attend regular appointments while on breaks from Aurora Foxes. 

As Reynard Care and Support Agency is education based, do they work all year round?

Reynard Care and Support Agency are term-time only, therefore they are only here when the students are. See term dates below.

How do I order more medication during the holidays if the young person is registered at Minehead Medical Centre for the duration they are studying at Aurora Foxes?

All students on prescription medication will take home enough medication to cover the period of time they are back at home with their families - with some medication remaining at Foxes for when the student returns. However, if you should need to order more, you can contact Minehead Medical Centre on 01643 703441 (Option 2), between 9am – 12 noon or email:

You will need to provide them with your local pharmacy name, address and postcode and they will send the prescription electronically directly to your chosen pharmacy.

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